Monday, July 07, 2008


In Birmingham we played at this downstairs bar with Every Alice On Earth. They were old friends of Pascal's and they are awesome; so much fun. They played their own songs, covered the Kinks, AC-DC and Spinal Tap and jumped around so much Georgiana and Luverne started bouncing too.

But the bar was not so great. It was really smoky (anyone know how to get the stench of cigarette smoke and beer out of the non-flammable piece of muslin we use as a projection screen when the club doesn't have one)? During Andrew Vladeck's opening set, the entire crowd had to move away from the bathroom which was just to the side of where we were all playing. Reviews are mixed about what caused the smell; might have been something in a stall and it might have been popcorn from Hell. Either way, Andrew was motivated by the sensory competition and broke out some banjo chops that made everyone forget the funk.

By the by, Jemison's gone and done a good tour-blog round-up over at the Balthrop website. You can read it here.


Blogger Brooks said...

Thanks for the nice comments and I couldn't more more embarrassed about the bar. I hope there is a next time when you all come down and we can play in one of many non shitholes. I'm sure I can help in facilitating that. Thanks for your amazing drawings. I want to credit you on our myspace band page so please let me know your last name (if you so choose).

Here's my blog entry about the evening. There are many comments I'm sure you'll agree with.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Brooks said...

As for how to get the stench out of your muslin projection screen, I suggest direct sunlight and a 20/80 solution of lemon juice and water.

lemon juice is some magically stuff.

great fantastic wonderful art by the way. i love to draw too -- do it every day.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Michael Arthur said...

Thanks, Brooks . . . Now that we're MySpace friends, I assume you know my last name, but just in case, it's "Arthur."

I bought me a bushel of lemons and am squeezing them now. Anyone know how to get the smell of lemon juice out of a muslin projection screen?

1:06 PM  

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