Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Philadelphia Story

Sure, all roads lead to the Fall Cafe, but apparently most journeys depart from there as well.

We gathered in the early afternoon, most of us and were sent off with paparazzi snapping pictures (well, Bernie and Henry) and adoring fans cheering us on (well, Scott, Mo, Mike O and Edwina) and we even picked up our first groupie for the road (well, cousin Joey). Two hours later the caravan pulled up to a depressed neighborhood in Philly, unloaded, soundchecked and gathered in the kitchen room upstairs for our first take-out food of the tour and a wait for the crowds to gather.

It was one of those shows where there might have been more of us than them, but the set was strong and we were buoyed by the arrival of Chris, Matt and Vesna. Therese is missing these first few shows, Chris will rejoin us in a week ('cause he's got a Ne'ers show this weekend on Governor's Island) and Matt has to miss the whole thing because of something he calls "work."

But Dawn Landes and Balthrop, Alabama have started their summer tour.

Last night we slept in Reading after passing through a tremendous rain storm. It was one of those storms that you could see for thirty miles as you approached it, glowing skies filled with rippling lightning bolts. When we pulled up to the Reading Wyndham Hotel this morning around 1:30, Kyle awoke and started playing the piano in the lobby as the night-clerk watched us all in curious amusement.

Earlier, at the show, one of the guys from the opening act came up to Pascal and I as Dawn played her set in the dim lighting she requested, and told us it was farther to Pittsburgh than we thought. I just smiled because everything is always farther than you think, except the things that aren't.


Anonymous Jonny said...

You've taken me back to the days of our very special tour of the worst children's production ever of "beauty and the beast." We too played in Philadelphia and Reading, and while there may not have been any 1:30AM piano playing, there certainly was a beat up jam box that played our love theme each and every performance. Those were really the days.


4:22 PM  
Blogger Michael Arthur said...

Gosh, Jonny. After reading your comment earlier today, I had this idea, so for our encore tonight we performed a short musical version of Sleeping Beauty. Lauren was the Sleeping part and Pascal was Beauty.

12:57 AM  

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