Thursday, May 22, 2008


We turned right when we were supposed to be going left and Lauren bought herself a new Baby Taylor, which just goes to show that a good sense of direction ought to take you somewhere you didn't mean to go. The guitar used to belong to Fionn O'Lachlan and he's playing Joe's Pub a week after we are in July. What are the chances?

Anyway, a bunch of us are going up to Canada this weekend to hear what that guitar sounds like surrounded by a whole bunch of pretty nothing. Remember when M*A*S*H used to have all those books and it would be like "M*A*S*H Goes To Florida" or "M*A*S*H Goes to Hawaii?" This summer is gonna be like that with a band on the run and a town on the road. I hope that sense of direction thing works for us as we drive through Ohio.

Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend and I'll talk to y'all again on Tuesday.


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