Monday, April 28, 2008


Kyle Fischer and Lucy listening to the levels at St. Paul's.

Last week, Caithlin DeMarrais, Kyle, Konrad Meissner, Bob Hoffnar, Josh Kaufman and Bob's dog Lucy reconvened for another pass at one of Caithlin's new songs. This time the church was a little warmer than the last time we were all there together and no one had to bundle in a coat to make it through a take. Caithlin sounded relaxed and the sound was inspired--but, I guess that's what you expect when you set up shop in a house of worship. There were cookies near the prayer books and a six-pack in the pews, Bernie was pacing looking for his shot and it only took four or five takes to make it sound like art. Lucy looked like she approved, but Josh stayed for a minor-chord piano overdub . . .


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