Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Andrew, Lauren and Pascal rehearsing last week for the big show.

Seems tickets are going fast--we've sold well over half the place and it seems like there may be no more tickets available come April 18th, so if you're planning to come, buy now . . .

Last night, the whole band (excepting Jane who was AWOL), gathered over at Castle Anthrax for the first full run of the potential set-list, complete with me drawing, projected on the wall. Then I came home, wrapped myself in a blanket and watched the tape from the camera we used for the projection.

Huh, so that's what it looks like when I'm drawing. Oh, that's what it looks like when I don't know what I'm going to draw next. Say, that was cool--I wonder if I can ever do that again? Man, that band is fucking awesome.


I can say with confidence (and a churning stomach at the anticipation), there will not be a better place to be at seven o'clock in New York City on April 18th, 2008 than Joe's Pub. Miss it at your peril.

Oh, did I tell you we're gonna be in the New Yorker?


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