Monday, June 16, 2008

Hitting The Road

The tour started last night, right here in New York City. Seems you don't have to go very far nowadays to call it a trip, but we're gonna stretch that theory to its limits. The next three weeks will find us rolling through the Midwest and then swinging South. I'll try to write from the road, but we'll see how it goes . . . In the meantime, here's some pics from last night's opener at the Mercury Lounge by Bernie DeChant who flew back from Japan just in time to say goodbye, take a nap and join us on the road some time later this week . . .

Hope I see some of the rest of you out there somewhere . . . Dawn Landes and Balthrop, Alabama--coming soon to a town near you.


Anonymous Jonny said...

These photographs are so incredible I feel like I was there.


(love your outfit, Lauren!)

4:18 PM  

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