Friday, June 27, 2008


Thanks so much to The Lawrence's for putting up the entire town for seven days and six nights. We'll remember their kindnesses forever and they'll remember us every time they look at the divot Kyle put in the side of their garage in an attempt to add "character" to the van. Pascal wasn't amused but I think it will add re-sale value when we sell the first tour-van on E-Bay.

Speaking of the van, I think the image of this tour that will stick with me the longest is the back of the van out there on the road in front of me. I'm in the car riding behind with whoever happens to jump in--Kyle has been a frequent passenger and so has Bernie. I mostly follow and trust that Pascal and the I-phone directions he's looking at will get us where we're going.

In theory this works, but in practice most every journey we take starts out with us hitting the highway or byway, turning around in a parking lot or alley, heading another way for a couple of blocks and then repeating the process until a direction is chosen and we get where we're going. It's like we're introducing the concept of "warming up" to every journey.

Still, we get where we're going and leave an impression behind--Heck, sometimes we leave an impression before we even get there.

Right now we're at the Bottle Tree in Birmingham, Alabama having a little snack before our load in. We sent a press packet ahead to their weekly free paper, The Black and White and, thankfully, they got it in time to give us the following advance write up:

" . . . [H]igh concept opening act, Balthrop, Alabama is a cutesy New York City rock band that's like a touring version of Greater Tuna, except with plenty of disdain for the Southern experience. Actually, they're more like the touring company of "Barack Obama's Rent" and the sprawling ensemble will try to entertain you with tales of how you're a stupid Southerner relying on guns and religion. They're so insightful that they don't even have to write entertaining melodies--but you won't appreciate that, because you're a stupid Southerner."

That's how they say "Welcome to Alabama" in Black and White. I sure am glad we speak nuance.


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