Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Together

Tour photo by Bernie DeChant.

Yesterday we were in Cincinnati and we were there for a while.

We went early, because Chris took the bus from New York to join us for this last leg of the tour--eighteen hours from there to here, including time devoted to dealing with the breakdown, trying to meet up with a different connection in Columbus because the mishap caused him to miss the one he was supposed to take and waiting for us to find the bus depot downtown.

"Does it seem like the neighborhood has gotten noticeably worse than it was?" Bernie asked from the back seat.

"Yah," Pascal replied.

"We're probably close."

The other night in Lexington we got downright crazy at Al's. We played our set, Dawn played hers and then we got back up on the stage and had ourselves a hootenany. Everyone in the band did a number, including yours truly (with Pascal drawing). The crowd didn't want to let us go and by the end of the night we had performed 42 songs total including some we never rehearsed and some that may not have been written yet. Kyle even did a couple of numbers, busting out his Rock God moves and launching himself into space. 'Teach me how to do that," Dawn begged and Kyle started spilling the secrets like a guru with a chant.

"You've gotta isolate the strum-hand so it keeps the guitar in place, then you can go anywhere," he said, dropping to his knees and bending backwards like he did at Altamont.

Last night after the Cincinnati show, we gathered to say goodbye to Dawn; she's going her way and we're going ours. It's been a great time, but Andrew Vladeck gets here in a couple of hours for our last show in Kentucky and the first of the Next round. You can read all about it here.


Blogger Stubbs said...

Holy crap it sounds like you guys are having fun. It's been great to follow along online through your updates & drawing and Bernie's photos--keep it up. Nice work!

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