Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Tableau Vivant

On Tuesday night, Greg Walloch invited me to see and draw Sarah Small's Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions (a live exploration of implausible interaction), an event billed on the program as a "performance, party, experiment and wedding." Presented in the bank building at One Hanson place in Brooklyn, right next to the Atlantic Center--a building familiar to most folks nowadays as the sometimes home of the Brooklyn Flea Market. Small's Tableau was that rarest of things--a singular, extended but ephemeral experience that defies description. If you don't know what a Tableau Vivant is, you can check out Wikipedia's summary over here.

There were a lot of folks present who took pictures and I know the whole experience was filmed (aren't all weddings filmed nowadays?), but I doubt anything can do justice to the sheer experience which was beautiful both visually and aurally, moving and sublime. (The New York Times gives a shot at reviewing the un-reviewable here.)

The complete set of my drawings from the event are posted over at the Facebook Fan Page for Just Drawn That Way (link over on the side). Anyone who I drew and wants to tag themselves should feel free to go over there and do it . . .


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