Friday, May 20, 2011

Scents and Scentsability

So, the other day Mayor Bloomberg--the billionaire leader who prides himself on riding to work on the subway most days--chastised a reporter asking a question by saying that there aren't that many panhandlers left on the subway.


I'm not going to debate the point except to say that he's right only if you don't include all the folks asking for money.

The very night Mayor Bloomberg stepped firmly onto his tongue and shoved his foot down his throat--ok, I might debate the point a little--I rode home from Joe's Pub late. I managed to get a seat on a fairly crowded late night train (late night trains are fewer and further between nowadays, so they're a lot more crowded than they used to be). Upon taking my first breath on the train, I abruptly realized that seats were plentiful due to the presence of a homeless person and their accompanying funk.

Rather than complain and leave, I looked up and drew the above and I dedicate the sketch to Mayor Bloomberg's vision of the MTA. It's a nice story.


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