Friday, July 18, 2008

A Blast and Some Past

We've got another show at Joe's Pub tomorrow night and if you're not coming, you should.

Hey, I never told you nothing about Huntsville, Alabama, did I?

Huntsville is where we landed smack dab in the middle of a nest of fans the likes of which most of us had never experienced. They knew all the words and all the videos and all our town names and even a bunch of restaurants we might like to eat in if only they were open. Heck, Nick and Muffin even dressed like Jemison as if he knew something or other about fashion. I guess when people dress like you, you must know something; still, I'm glad he invested another three-bucks-and-change in a new pair of overalls.

After the show at the Flying Monkey (my favorite venue of the tour), a couple of us went over to someone's house and Jemison and Georgiana played some more and we listened to some songs our new friends had written and we made a stab at some drunk-journaling and I fell asleep in the van but moved to an air-mattress when the dust had settled. And it was really nice ("nice" in a way that words don't quite do justice to) to see a bunch of folks so moved by Pascal's body of work and the band's music and just this silly amazing notion of a town that we all live in and play.

At one point in the party, Nick was holding a video camera in one hand and a cel phone in the other and singing along with Pascal and Lauren while Muffin sat next to him exhaling something or other. On the phone was an absent group of Nick's friends in Portland who had listened to the whole show via the phone and were now "attending" the after party as well. I hope Nick has a good calling plan.

Anyways, you can get yourself a taste of the Huntsville show down below here, because Nick up and filmed the whole thing and posted it on the YouTube. This clip here is the first of five, but you can hunt down the rest yourselves if so inclined.

Sometimes folks ask me why I don't post the drawings from the shows and it's mostly because I feel like you have to be there to see them, that the live drawings only really exist in the moment that they're being made and to look at them afterwards, if you weren't there, doesn't make much sense. I like the idea that these drawings are music and theatre and they only happen in front of and with the folks who happen to be there. It's not a firm and fixed notion, but it is prevailing at the moment and I'm gonna pay that impulse heed.

But, in case you were wondering what it all looks like, check out the video below. (Thanks, Nick.)

And come to Joe's Pub on Saturday because this is the most fun thing I've ever done and who doesn't like to have fun?


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