Monday, November 12, 2007

Play Guitar

El May had nearly everyone over today for a home-grown recording session. There were eleven strummers strumming, laying down a track for the new album, coming soon to a mixing board somewhere along the journey to finished.

Afterwards a couple of us hung out for curry with coconut and banana; there are leftovers if you find yourself in the neighborhood. For directions, follow the liquid-hum echo of sweet voices somewhere between the Brooklyn Bridge and the BQE. Kyle says the room got a little reverential, but he just came from church, so he might have had reverential on his mind.

I've always wanted to hang out at a recording session, so thanks for the invite, Lara . . . I may have even hummed a little, so be sure to list me in the credits as "Special Guest Twelfth Humming Person."


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