Thursday, November 01, 2007


The other night I went over to Rockwood with Shanta to see the Ramblers, but got there early. I was kind of fried from the Indy trip (I'm waiting for some photos before I post in detail about that), so we decided to hang out in their other bar which is separated by a sliding door as part of the oddest architectural arrangement in the history of the "You put a bar in my music hall!/You put a music hall in my bar!" argument.

Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, on the screen in the bar next door was the guy on stage in the music hall--we'll call him "Michael Daves" because that is his name--and he was playing that guitar in a way that I shall describe as "fierce." He's got a wonderfully annoying whining voice that I'd drag myself across a room of glass to listen to and a picking style that would make Doc Watson's sightless eyes twinkle. Also, he's got a new album coming out next week and a release party at Rockwood Tuesday night. You can hear a couple of his songs here at the music portion of his site.


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