Monday, October 15, 2007

Once More With Feeling

Anyone gonna be in Indianapolis on October 26th or 27th?

Well, I'll be there, performing with the Indianapolis Symphony, and if you're in town you should come along. (Donna-- you're down for a ticket on the 27th--can you come?)

Like the Joyce performance I did earlier this year with Buglisi Dance Theater, I'll be drawing live during the concert and they'll be projecting the drawings as I create them. I'll be working on two pieces, Dans Macabre and H.K. Gruber's FRANKENSTEIN!! Herr Gruber will be there as well, narrating his piece.

The other day I got to participate in my first business conference call ever. Herr Gruber in Austria, the agent who put this whole thing together in L.A., the production manager and crew in Indianapolis and the director from the Upper West Side here in the city. It was fancy and confusing, and at the end I was kind of numb. "Do you still need me?" I asked after the conversation had gone on for a good while since anyone had directed questions my way. "Oh? You're still there?" They apologized and let me go, not knowing that--really--I would have stayed on the other end of that call forever to extend every moment of this opportunity.

This is gonna be fun.


Anonymous Jonny said...

You and your life ...

Won't Huck be especially sad to miss this since he still talks about the Buglisi Dance Theater experience? I won't tell him. He can't read, after all.


3:00 PM  

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