Wednesday, September 26, 2007

World Turning

A concerned reader with tech problems writes,

"So Monday -- much to my horror and dismay, my 6 CD disk changer stereo system, which I have been enjoying for many years, suddenly and unexpectedly died. OK... it didn't completely die but the display that use to tell me which disk, which track, now flashes "ERROR" "ERROR" "ERROR" and won't open up any of the disk chambers. Inside the disk changers are the soundtrack from ONCE, Nick Heyward latest and Tracey Thorn's latest, and Billy Bragg and Wilco. I feel like I've lost loved ones. Thinking about taking a sledgehammer to it to try and get my disks back.

Has this ever happend to you? Any advice?"

First of all, find the ear of your CD player and blow in it softly. While waiting for it to respond, order an IPod on line at the Mac store.

Second, the problem here is that you inserted too much good music at once; your player's never gonna open up with that combo. In the future (if there is a future for this player), be sure to include a copy of 38 Special's Greatest Hits or something by Air Supply.

You might also try unplugging the machine, shaking it while humming and throwing it at the wall (being careful not to hit a lamp or small children).

On the plus side, the future is now! Welcome to the post-cd world; God wants you to go digital . . .


Anonymous Kristina said...

That person sounds like an idiot! I'm glad I'm not friends with anyone like her who is still living in the dinosaur age!

4:18 PM  

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