Monday, September 10, 2007

A Quick One . . .

Kyle (oh, click that link just for the photo, please) and Lara and I went to see Petra Haden last Friday at Joe's. Geoff Farina opened. Apparently Kyle knows him from way back and was shouting out requests, but Geoff said he didn't know how to play "Pepsi-Cola." I don't know who to believe, Kyle or Geoff, but it was a nice evening, despite the minor controversy. Besides, Kyle gets the benefit of the doubt for introducing me to Fred Armisen backstage, which made me feel cool.

Petra Haden
was so good I couldn't draw; I just wanted to listen to the acapella goodness. Heidi mocked me, but I've been loving Haden's version of Don't Stop Believing . . .


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