Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Cleaning or What Do You Do With A Bunch of Drawings?

Slaid Cleaves played at Joe's last week. The last time I saw him was with Shannon at a living room show six years ago. Shannon's a movie star now and Slaid and I've both aged and we've both ended up at Joe's but only he can yodel. When he's not yodeling, he sounds like this.

The Old Ceremony went on next. They're friends of Sara and they sound like this only live, they rock harder and deliver deadpan jokes that amuse and delight. They also have a fancy new video and it looks and sounds like this.

On Saturday, we all went over to Williamsburg again, but a bunch of us must have missed the bus or something because Balthrop was a five-piece instead of their traditional ten. Still, any excuse to hang out at Soundfix is nice and the horn parts sound good when played on . . . uhm . . . mouth-trumpet.

Then last night I went way uptown and had a nice French meal at La Goulue. Anybody who's anybody eats here, when they're not eating someplace else. Apparently, Michelin gave them a star recently. I'd have given them two, but I don't have any stars to spare. We were sitting next to two people who--when they weren't answering their phones--kept talking about the movie they were making. At this rate, they're never gonna get that movie made, so if it's you, stop calling them.

Also, I drew a dog for Tina's friends.


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