Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Children of the Revolution

It wasn't Loser's Lounge, but an incredible facsimile. Let's call it the Loser's Lounge All-Stars hosted by Joe Hurley and Edward Rogers. No, wait, let's call them 20th Century Boy, because that's what they were calling themselves and they should know because they have to make the T-shirts.

They were at Joe's Pub in the Park Saturday to celebrate the music of Marc Bolan and T. Rex and they were joined by none other than Tony Visconti who produced all those albums and more. It was a New York superstar band of glam, with contributions from members of Blondie, Television, Scissor Sisters, Lloyd Cole, Michael Cerveris, Justin Bond and others who don't get linked to because I'm still tired from the weekend.

The set-list had all the hits and obscurities along with a note that Patti Smith would be playing Children of the Revolution whenever she showed up. She came within the first five songs and scared children and the faint of heart by delivering like she was testifying before the God of glitter which is the only God who was paying attention; seriously--what would the glitter industry be without Marc Bolan, David Bowie and Tony Viconti?

It was pretty much a day for guitarists. Lloyd Cole's father had flown in from England to watch his son and grandson rip it up; Moby--who just came to watch, but got hauled up for an impromptu number--showed his chops by ripping through some Zepellin as an intro and Richard Lloyd showed why he is a guitar god.


Anonymous Joe Hurley said...

superb work as always Michael. thankyou !

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