Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Glow in the Dark

Now I get it.

David Garza played a late show at The Living Room last weekend. Jeff played bass and Konrad drummed. Later, during the cab-ride back to Brooklyn, Konrad told me that playing with Jeff and David was like dropping into the middle of a conversation that had been going on forever.

After the show, David took it to the street, playing a pre-sunrise bonus gig on the sidewalk outside. A throng of fans new and old surrounded the three of them, some singing along, some just swaying to the music. David looked as if he could have played all night, but Jeff's fingers were blistering in all sorts of new and interesting ways . . .

For me, David has been the missing link in my life for about 12 years. Back in Austin, I knew his music . . . sort of. Over the years, several of his songs worked their way into my heart and constant rotation on my I-pod--Amanda and I even dueted on Sea of You back when we were all in a band one sad Valentine's night. But, mostly I knew him through a network of friends and fans of his, all of whom were profoundly moved by his music and personality. A few years back, I sort of met him at his brother's wedding (yes, Joel and Michelle, I still owe you a present--my bad), but it wasn't until we were standing out on the street in the early morning that I shook his hand and got to watch up close what all the fuss was about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, I am a student at Herron, I sat in with you on the String Qurtet. I was the kid with the spiky hair that talked about Little Nemo. Me and my friends really enjoyed your "lecture" or what ever you want to call it. I'm and inspiring illustrator and I appriciate you art. It kind of reminds me a little of Shel Silversein or Ralph Steadman. I don't know really what the edicte is on your blog. Do I give my impressions of your stuff, or what? My name is Terry and I'll talk to you later

10:37 PM  
Blogger Michael Arthur said...

Well, "Lecture" seems less accurate than. . . . "Barely Coherent Digressions, And What Was Your Point Anyway?" but, yes, let's go with "Lecture."

There is no edict on this blog. We tried to come to some sort of agreement but then noticed that "Serenity" was on HBO again and got distracted.

Feel free to e-mail me through my web-site or comment as you please.

Have you ever seen McCay's animations? There's a great DVD out there somewhree . . .

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Yay! Presents for me and HO! "I'm so tired of waiting; so tired of waiting for you..." Well, it can be a Garza baby welcoming present come May! :)

12:29 PM  

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