Monday, March 01, 2010

Through the Cracks

For the last couple of weeks, Bernie and I have been moving the studio from the Gowanus area over to Dumbo, I've been working on the Velveteen Rabbit designs, we've been getting stuff ready for a couple of Balthrop shows (and upcoming tour) and I recorded a song for Lauren Balthrop's upcoming solo album.

It's been a busy, crazy, exhausting time.

But, as a consequence, I have a bunch of drawings that I haven't had time to post. So, I'm going to play catch up a little and post a few of the ones that slipped through the cracks.

Like, for example, this drawing of author and storyteller, Dan Kennedy.

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out backstage at the Bowery Ballroom, waiting to go on with Nicole Atkins. The dressing room was pretty packed with the various writers and musicians and friends of the writers and musicians who were performing that night. I was sitting over on the couch, a little nervous and doodling--trying to get warmed up--and I quickly drew this little portrait of Dan. I meant to post it in Facebook and tag him, but he's not in Facebook (though he tweets in Twitter), and I didn't get to scan it before I took apart the scanner for the big move, so here it is now, a quick drawing from a packed green room.

And here's the video from the show, me and Nicole Atkins and David Byrne . . .

Nicole Atkins & David Byrne, Neptune City from Nicole Atkins on Vimeo.


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