Monday, February 01, 2010

Be My Valentine!

It's unlike me to become sentimental and mushy, but I guess this year I'm just in the mood to be romantic.

Balthrop, Alabama is playing a special early evening, Valentine's Day show at Joe's Pub this year and I'll be drawing on the big screen just like I do at all the shows. This time around everyone in the band has come up with a new song and we're practicing a few covers and word on the street is that I might even sing one that I wrote myself.

Upon further reflection, that last bit may not be a strong selling point, but it's better when you know that it's a duet and Georgiana Starlington (Lauren Balthrop) will be singing half the notes.

In honor of the event, I made this video to go along with the Facebook invite. Enjoy and spread the word, This Valentine's Day, Balthrop, Alabama at Joe's Pub is the place to be!


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