Sunday, December 20, 2009

All the Hits

Our Hit Parade celebrated the year and the decade with two shows last Wednesday night.

Our Hit Parade is the most consistently amazing and inconsistent cabaret show out there--and, to be clear, it's mostly way out there. Murray Hill might have said it best in his toast to the show when he described it as one of the last shows that isn't afraid to become a hot mess. Hosted by Kenny Mellman, Bridget Everett and Neil Medlyn, Our Hit Parade can be outrageous, sweet, polished and at times so rough it looks like the only plan planned on was getting to the stage with or without clothes and, by the way, does anyone know where we put the microphone? It's not for everyone, but in a world more perfect than ours it would be.

The first show of the new decade will be January 27.

Bridget Everett

Magnetic Fields, getting cosmic.

Neil Medlyn


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