Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Way It Is

CBS News invited friends and colleagues to remember Walter Cronkite this morning at Lincoln Center. I went along as a guest of Bill Bragin, head of Outdoor Programming for Lincoln Center and he managed to get us great seats. Among the impressive speakers were President Clinton, Buzz Aldrin, Leslie Moonves, Andy Rooney and Tom Brokaw. There were also musical performances by The United States Marine Band, Mickey Hart, Jimmy Buffett, Michael Feinstein and Wynton Marsalis. President Obama spoke last, spending the morning of the day of his major speech on health care reform before Congress, praising a man he never met.

It was a good speech and worth reading, if you are inclined. The President's other speech tonight--quite rightly--will be the one most folks will be talking about tomorrow, but I'm glad I got to hear this one as well, a reflection from the Commander in Chief on the importance of those who tell the truth and a testament to the individual who was once the most trusted man in America.


Anonymous Jonny said...

Incredible. You get to go to the coolest stuff.

10:44 AM  

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