Monday, July 13, 2009

Black and White and Read All Over

This weekend, I made my debut in the New York Times. I've gotten many emails through this blog and the website and it's been overwhelming, humbling and, well, awesome to be out here on the road, reading through them. I'm gonna try to answer as many as I can, but tonight we're camping out in a National Park in North Dakota and I'll see how far I get before my battery dies.

The drawing above is a doodle page from my recent stint at ABT, one that didn't end up in the article. It's from the first day, when I was trying to get my pen moving to remind myself how to draw dancers.

If you haven't seen the New York Times piece, you can check it out here.


Anonymous anna said...

i found your work through this article and you are now my personal hero. please draw forever

1:15 PM  
Blogger adwoa said...

i loved this article! i try to always have a job, at least a side job, that is something i would do even if no one paid me and that i couldn't live without, but i haven't yet made the leap to being completely sustained by those things. i just graduated last spring, though, so i suppose i have a little bit of time.

i try to keep robert frost's "two tramps in mud time" in mind as i decide what to do with my life. do you know the poem? your story reminded me a lot of the last verse (my favorite!):

But yield who will to their separation,
My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation
As my two eyes make one in sight.
Only where love and need are one,
And the work is play for mortal stakes,
Is the deed ever really done
For Heaven and the future's sakes.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Melissa Wilks said...

You are terrific. So inspirational. Thank you.

10:03 PM  

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