Monday, May 11, 2009


It's been either really cold or really hot for a while now and the rain's been falling like New York is the downstairs neighbor of a great lake. It hasn't been Spring but for an hour or two here or there, often manifest during inconvenient work hours or as unexpected transition moments between the aforementioned Hot, Cold and/or Rainy.

Until Yesterday.

Spring sprung around for a full day on Sunday and the hipsters in Williamsburg came out to read and show off their new tattoos and, for a day, we got to pretend like the weather was as seasonal as it used to be.

I miss the subtlety of seasons, when ninety degree days weren't bookended by lows in the forties. I wonder how I'll explain it to the kids someday, how we'd ease into summer with a time of gradual warming and growth; a forgotten past when winter followed a period of gradual chilling while leaves slowly changed color and dropped.

But if a Take-What-You-Can-Get Spring day in Williamsburg is the best the world can offer, then pour me a margarita and check out my whiter than white legs.

Summer's almost here. The pools are about to open.

We've got a few hours to get ready; let's make the most of it.


Anonymous Jonny said...

Today's another pretty glorious five hours of spring!

I like the way you put words together. Always have. Miss you.


2:59 PM  

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