Thursday, May 07, 2009

Risky Business

John Wray, reading as part of Amanda Stern's Happy Ending series at Joe's Pub.

The rule of the Happy Ending series is that everybody has to take a public risk, so last night we had Wray revealing his tattoo for the first time and Arthur Phillips retiring from his career as a writer to chase his dreams as a matador. To prove his dedication he brought along a bull--a small robotic bull, to be sure, but now we can say that Joe's Pub has hosted a bull fight and that will look nice in the press clippings.

The musical guest this month was Vampire Weekend, who took a break from recording their second album to play a stripped down set, performing with a stand up bass in public for the first time ever. They also played a cover version of Tom Petty's Walls, turning it into a sing along in front of Edward Burns who was seated on the couch and had directed She's The One, the movie which featured the song prominently in the soundtrack.


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