Monday, September 08, 2008

Rich Girls

Rich Girls made their Pub debut over the weekend, playing the sort of gentle ballads they are famous for.

It's about time because most everyone who works at Joe's loves this band in a sort of irrational way. Check out their MySpace page for free downloads of their e.p. (Latch-Key Kids and You And What's His Name are two of my favorite songs ever) and sign up for their mailing list if only because the only way off of their mailing list is to send them a note with the heading "Your band sucks." You won't want to unsubscribe, but it's nice to know the option is there.


Blogger Sean Kensing said...

Hey, Michael: this is Sean, guitarist for Rich Girls (the one who gets painted on).

I'm not sure if I've been in a coma or what, but I just came across your blog These drawings are fucking INCREDIBLE. I love the one of me, more than any actual photograph of me, in fact. I wish it was my passport picture, but those government types would never go for it.

Apparently you are friends with Joanna Bauer, who I went to Hampshire College with! So strange. All three of us should get together, or you and I should get together and browbeat Jo in to moving here.

Anyways - really, really beautiful stuff. Would you mind if I grabbed the image and used it on my comp etc? If I post it anywhere public, you will be prominently and loudly credited.

Also: do you sell originals?

You can get back to me at



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