Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happiness in Magazines

While we were out on tour in June, I got a message from story-teller extraordinaire, Greg Walloch, that this Los Angeles-based art magazine called Artillery was doing a story on the New York art world and he wondered if he could interview me for the issue about the work I've been doing at Joe's Pub and as part of Balthrop, Alabama.

This seemed like a good idea because--like most people--I don't get interviewed nearly as much as I should.

The interview turned out right nice and is out now in galleries in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. It is also available on-line. The print version features my first-ever magazine commissions on the cover and interior. The editors thought it would be a good idea to send me to an art gallery here in New York and draw people looking at art, which it turns out, was a particularly fun notion. I spent a couple of days hanging out at the Deitch Galleries in Soho watching people interact with (that is, "look at") a cool installation by the brothers known as Os Gemeos.

Here's the full version of the drawing that ended up on the cover . . .


Anonymous Jonny said...

I wondered who that handsome man was drawing near me ...

Great interview and fantastic drawing!

(If you ever want to come draw me while I watch Huck play at the park, let me know. It's good stuff!)

2:55 PM  
Anonymous sarah sterner said...

can you get a copy to my mom so she can get it to me here at college?

4:10 PM  
Blogger Michael Arthur said...

I will try to find some hard copies of the magazine and get one to your Mom to get to you.

At college.

Because you're at college now.


11:11 AM  

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