Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Serious Business

Lauren, Ryan, Jane, Pascal, Lara and her mother and sister and I went to check out David Byrne's installation down there by the Staten Island Ferry. Seems Byrne went and attached an organ to a building and now it's making music of a sort.

Lauren sat and played it for a while; kind of sounded like a building. Never having heard a building played like this, I was pretty impressed by the whole thing.

Hey, you can hear Lauren play her Whirley Wednesday night at the Mercury Lounge when Balthrop, Alabama shares a bill with Caithlin DeMarrais and Serious Business recording artists (and dear friends) Rocketship Park and Benji Cossa.

We've been getting some nice attention lately over at EndUp Records and the village of Balthrop, Alabama located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. For example, check out this amazing review of Balthrop's debut album, Your Big Plans And Our Little Town written by Kevin Nutt. Or look here to see what the venerable Village Voice has to say about us and our little town. The Voice seems to think we live in something called Bococa, but that just adds confusion to a town in Alabama that is located and founded in Brooklyn.

Keep things simple, people. Let's not get all caught up in the New York Real Estate narrative . . .

See y'all tomorrow at The Mercury Lounge . . .


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