Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sometimes at parties, I sort of shrink into the background and doodle in a corner. I pretty much do the same thing when I'm not at a party, but it can stand out more when everyone is drinking and celebrating. All evidence to the contrary, I'm actually pretty shy and tentative when it comes to social interaction. In general, I'm an awkward guy who'd rather be drawing.


At the Huntsville party after the show, I was towards the back of the room, listening to the spontaneous concert and doodling when this guy came up to me, looked at my drawing pad and said, "watching you draw tonight made me wish I'd never stopped drawing."

"Why'd you stop?" I asked.

He held out his hands before him, looked at them and said with some sadness, "I got diagnosed with mild hand tremors."

"Use it." I said. "Draw Differently."

Hirschfeld once said to me that you have to figure out what your limitations are and then work within them. That about makes sense to me.

Anyways, the guy with the tremors, his eyes got real big and he wandered off and stood in a corner, looking at his hands and I went back to drawing.


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