Monday, January 07, 2008


Friday night we all gathered over at St. Paul's to record a couple of songs for Caithlin de Marrais's new solo album.

Konrad was there, telling me all about how he was hoping to hear Balthrop one of these days. "You're playing with just about half of them," I said, gesturing to Josh, Lauren, Pascal and Lara who were running through the song with Frally and Bob Hoffnar while Kyle set levels.

At the end of the night--for the last take of the second song recorded--I wandered to the back to take in the whole scene with Kyle who was adding a note or two from the piano by the door at the other end of the church. By then, we had mostly finished up the cookies that Caithlin had brought, Frally and Lara had wandered off and the radiators had long since stopped whatever resistance they were offering. Between and around the musicians and Kyle and I was a holy space that I don't really believe in but I do respect, mostly because sometimes it allows the Mystery to be celebrated in surprising and beautiful ways.


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