Monday, December 10, 2007

Maybe I'm Amazed

Jo says she's not really that familiar with Paul McCartney's music, but Jo is dead to me now.

This weekend, Loser's Lounge pulled in for a three-day celebration of McCartney-Hold-The-Lennon and I know you all wanna dismiss the oeuvre, but you're missing out on some mighty good stuff. A couple of years ago at Thanksgiving, Cousin Jimmy sent us all out to watch Paul McCartney from the 7th row. My face is still warm from the explosions during Live and Let Die and I'd wager that the experience is genetically encoded in Elizabeth Grace.

Friday night was the most fun I've had with the Macca songbook since then--and I sat through a sound-check and two shows, so I can state the case with authority.

I think David Driver put it best during his first-set introduction to My Love when he said that Paul McCartney writes songs with feelings that people actually have; and then in the second set, despite having a different intro, Driver sang the song in a way that left Tina and I just a little bit devastated thinking about absent friends and loss. At one point, the night before, Sara (who was watching the show alone) had texted me a message that simply said, "Linda was a lucky woman." Friday night, when I heard David Driver sing, I knew which song Sara was listening to when she wrote me.

(Photo by Bernie DeChant.)


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