Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Radio, Radio

What better way is there to spend a lazy Sunday than to sit around listening to the radio?

On Sunday we all woke up early, piled in to the rental van and drove over the snow-covered Brooklyn Bridge to the village of Greenwich on the magic island of Manhattan. Balthrop, Alabama was playing live to tape for the Kitten of the Keys and Blair as they gave a trial run for their new radio shows. No one seems to know for sure where this program is going to end up, but it sure was pleasant to sit around, sip some gin and listen to nice music and stories. People kept coming and going through the front door like we were sitting in the lobby of the Manhattan Theatre Source or something; but, that only makes sense because we were and that might have confused everyone who didn't know they were walking in live on the air.

Bernie was there too, shooting pics and making art like he will. I always say that nothing goes together better than photography, line-drawing and radio.

After the taping we headed back to Carroll Gardens and made a little pasta salad, ate some barbecue, watched Wilco on TV and then went back in to Manhattan to see Lauren's second solo debut at Piano's. Seems she likes debuting so much, she's gonna keep doing it until someone tells her what "debut" means.

(Photo by Bernie DeChant.)


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