Monday, December 31, 2007

Music In the The Year

This year, my life has been all about music and I am OK with that.

So I decided that for this last post of the year I would make a playlist that can be downloaded and stuck into an I-Pod, collecting a bunch of the songs that left their mark on me in 2007. It includes the work of friends and bands that I've enjoyed and music that inspired me this year and music that came back to me after years of being away or music that made me smile for whatever reason; it includes artists I didn't know a year ago and artists I feel like I've listened to all my life.

Now, I was going to write something about each of the 33 songs in the playlist, but I'm gonna just let that be because I have to run over to the Pub now to watch some Flamenco dance and then bring in the New Year with Nellie McKay, because that's how I roll this New Year's Eve.

If you'd like to download the music and then drop it into a playlist, I hosted it over at Mega-upload. You can click here and it will take you there and then all you have to do is follow the easy directions and you'll have it in a couple of easy minutes.


Enjoy and happy New Year, everyone . . .


Anonymous kristina said...

Hey M - love the playlist, it's now on my shiny new Shuffle (as I go kicking and screaming into the Technology Age).

Hope you had a great bday and yes, a happy, healthy, musical new year to us all...


4:14 PM  
Anonymous Jonny said...

Thank you, Michael!

All my best music comes from you.

Happy new year!


10:47 PM  

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