Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broken Records

The guys at URDB were on Jimmy Fallon last night but on Tuesday, they returned to Joe's Pub, bringing all their eager friends from behind the scenes of late night television to reap glory and satisfaction out of the act of achieving what has never been achieved. Like setting the record for the most fart sounds made on an Iphone while Sarah Palin's Going Rogue audio book plays. Or drawing the most covergirls from Us Weekly while singing the chorus of Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind in Pig Latin.

What can I say? Some people are born great. Some people achieve greatness. And some people have greatness thrust upon them.

And some folks, it might be said, just want to have fun.

By the way, every month, the URDB and I auction off my show drawing to raise money for worthy endeavors. This month, the drawing was sold to benefit the New York Special Olympics.


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