Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Higher Def

John Ivy and I made this video for Sxip Shirey's Brooklyn Bridge Song. I drew it and came up with the basic notion and John animated it and came up with notions I never dreamed of--to go with Sxip's beautiful little tune, from his forthcoming CD, Sonic New York (Aimee Curl shares vocals on the song).

I approached the New York Times with the project when the video was about two-thirds of the way finished and they liked it enough to include the finished version on their Opinionator blog about a month back. Because of the vast amount of material the Times presents and keeps available in their archive, they compressed the file we gave them (which had already been compressed before they got it) and, regrettably, some of the detail was lost. That was a drag, but we were very grateful for the exposure and support. There is no better professional satisfaction I have experienced than seeing my work appear in the Times and I look forward to working with them any time they'll have me. But I really wanted folks to see the cleaner, less compressed master.

And now, the Times has kindly allowed us to post the video ourselves over on our various YouTube channels, and so Brooklyn Bridge Song gets another debut.

If you like it, share it. We're very proud of the collaboration and are currently at work on a follow up or two). Stay tuned for more details!


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