Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Last night's practice was the last one at Castle Anthrax. Seems the neighbors went and put a wall where our window used to be. That new wall blocks the view and the intake on the central AC, two things the town of Balthrop, Alabama had been right fond of. The thing they gave us to make up for the central air looks kinda like an R5-D4 droid without a fan and it doesn't do much of anything when it comes to cooling. Luverne 'bout passed out last time we practiced.

To be honest, the view of the BQE and this truck out front that some gypsies lived in was about all the place had going for it. Well, that and memories, but we can take memories with us and go build some new ones. In retrospect, we should have paid attention when the gypsies left; no one ever does.

Anyways, it was a small crew that showed for the big musical send off. We had gathered to get ready for the MOTHERLODGE Festival this weekend, but at first it was just me, Jemison, Titus, Aurora and Luverne with a lot of pizza and a couple of bottles of wine.

So the four of us ate some and drank some and started playing.

The first song Jemison started to sing was a new one. I reckon you'll hear it one of these days, because we all liked it and it sounds good when he sings it. Then he played a real old one that sounded new. Luverne knew it and got all weepy because it brought her back some, but she played along with a smile.

Aurora had to play a bunch of the horn parts on her own because a bunch of the horn-part-players were off playing somewhere else. Benton Whitehall was at practice with Cotton Tyler Guin, getting ready for next week's show at the Mercury. Douglas Sneade was off elsewhere seeing his buddy Lou.

And that's not all. Babbie's over there in Paris, France, getting cultured; she's the youngest resident of Balthrop, Alabama ever to learn something and we're proud of her for it. Clanton "Lake" is traveling the highways and byways of Europe and these United States, playing along with Dawn Landes. Grant Fyfe found God or some-questions-about-God-worth-asking, so he's up West and up early most days seeing to it.

Georgiana was babysitting, so she came late.

But the band played on, these good songs worth singing, and got ready for another show and a move on to someplace else.

We'll see those of you that are coming on Saturday night at Goodbye Blue Monday for the Mother Lodge Festival. Wear something pretty and we will too.

And don't forget to drop by the Fall Cafe and take a look at some of my art sometime this month. It looks nice in person.


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