Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Last week, Vibe magazine hosted a Rising Talent Hip-Hop Showcase at Joe's Pub and some already established talent dropped in to help out.

Moments before Busta Rhymes arrived and took the stage, I was standing on the back hall balcony, taking a break from the enthusiastic response of the crowd and the impressive young performers on the stage. After looking out at the nearly empty space in the hallway below, I stepped in to watch some of Ron Browz's set. I looked up a few moments later to find Jo, standing at the door, signaling that I should check something out.

Stepping out of the booth and looking down, I found the hallway--empty moments before--crammed with photographers, fans, press folk and (for all I know) people who had no idea how they got there. There might have been people (like me) who had never seen Busta Rhymes, who didn't know what he looked like, but just got sucked into the force of attention his presence demands.

Browz and Rhymes performed their collaboration, Arab Money and everyone who was there, caught in the whirlpool of talent and force of personality, has had it in their heads ever since.


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