Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Awakening

The cast of Spring Awakening, performing their Christmas extravaganza at Joe's Pub last night.

Christmas this year for me has pretty much been all about A Very Balthrop Christmas show and album. The notion was that everyone in Balthrop Alabama and a few of our friends would write a new Christmas song and we'd do a whole show of brand new holiday classics.

It was the most fun, creative and satisfying thing I've ever been a part of and I'm right done talking about it except to say that being at the center of one's own Christmas tradition is a good way to go.

The thing about playing a bunch of new songs and throwing my All-I-Got into it is that all the actual things I usually do at Christmas didn't much happen this year. I didn't get Christmas cards out. I barely bought anyone any gifts. I was only free for a couple of local Christmas gatherings (and usually as a stop along the way to some place else). I didn't even decorate my place.

To sort of quote Beamis, I was starting a New Year through most of December.

Also, running everywhere at such a speed, I didn't really hear many actual Christmas classics during the course of the season and those that I did hear (on the radio as I drove down to Virginia or in the shops on the Sunday before Christmas) seemed so rote and so dull and so antiseptic. They were the songs I dedicated my Fall and early Winter to avoiding in the versions that I kind of never want to hear again. All those Christmas songs just sounded boring to me.

Until last night.

Yes, last night, I got a healthy dose of cockel-warming tradition; the kind that shakes off all the dust of an acquired past and wraps familiar songs and sentiments in genuine love and enthusiasm. The pure kind that makes the Grinch's heart grow, causes Ebenezer to spring for the Christmas goose and brings Frosty back to life.

Last night, the cast of Spring Awakening showed up for the second of their two Christmas shows this year at the Pub and celebrated their last Christmas together by banding together and singing Carols, by laughing and crying, by using the opportunity to raise a little money for charity and by sharing generous hearts in song.

There's something about the community that Spring Awakening engenders that's pretty inspiring. There are chat-boards and rabid fans and people who have seen that show more times than that guy dressed as a Jedi has watched Star Wars.

There is also at least one band that has its origins in the show, and even though the people in it now were never in the cast, they still pulse with the positive idealism that actual cast-members practically shoot out of their eyes.

And it's funny, because the show itself is sort of tragic and filled with heartbreak, loss and sadness. It's truly Romantic in the old sense of striving for something better and not getting there because things on Earth just don't end happily.

And now the show is closing soon and the young cast will be looking for work and missing each other and smiling sometimes in rooms of strangers or next to new friends or lovers who will ask what they're thinking about and they'll just shake their heads because it would be too hard to explain.



This holiday season I sunk myself into something new and I don't know where the songs I'm singing will take me, but last night, it was nice to be reminded that the songs on the shelves can be taken down and made new too; they're the songs that bring groups together when times are tough and uncertainty reigns. When they're sung once more with feeling everything old is sparkly and shiny and fresh like untouched snow.

For a precious moment.

OK. I said I was done talking about our Christmas album, but I got one last thing and it's gonna have to be my Christmas card and gift this year. For the last couple of years, I've posted this holiday poem called Into The Next that I wrote a ways back, soon after my Mom had died and I had moved to New York and was traveling around with the ballet, drawing and starting a new life. Like I said a few posts back, this year Josh and Annie turned it into a song and we in Balthrop, Alabama recorded it. And you can download it as an mp3 at the end of this sentence for free because we're starting a New Year today and we're headed Into The Next.

See you in 2009 . . .


Anonymous Jonny said...

As usual I feel like I just read a wonderful new short story by Michael Arthur.

happy new year ...


8:08 PM  
Anonymous Sarah Sterner said...

officially my desktop picture :)

11:19 PM  
Anonymous sumoh said...

i can't wait to hear all about the spring awakening christmas show

1:02 PM  
Blogger Bernie said...

that drawing is fantastic.
great words as always... and of course, ya know, i love the song. worthy of its own musical.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Jackie said...

The drawing is absolutely wonderful. It is a capture of the night.

9:29 PM  

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