Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Few Things Held Back

Whoah. I been missing in action and I'll blog a bit about all that tomorrow or the day after. The short version is that getting ready for a big Christmas show and recording an album takes more time than they tell you.

So, here's a couple or three drawings that slipped through the cracks in the last few weeks. That's Yuka Honda and Sean Lennon up above there, celebrating Yuka's birthday by making a bunch of noise with some friends. It was kind of a great show and not just because it was all star-studded (and despite the fact that Petra Haden had to attend to a family emergency and couldn't make it as was originally planned). The high level of sophisticated improvisation in Yuka's work was on full display, aided by Lennon, Michael Leonhart and Cyro Baptista (seen below making music with a small tube).

Then, a few nights back Amanda and Bryan and I went to see Lady Rizo and the Assettes. I've been a big fan of Lady Rizo for over a year, although I've only ever gotten to see her as a guest at other people's shows, so it was nice to see the whole burlesque in all its glory . . . We brought these friends of Bryan who were visiting from Holland to see the show and I honestly believe that no other show playing in New York could have blown away their expectations of American burlesque as well as Lady Rizo. You could say she was performing a patriotic act.


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