Sunday, February 24, 2008

So Much Better

Pascal, Lauren and I went to Joe's Friday night to catch the penultimate performance of pop perfection from Mike Viola's February residency at Joe's Pub and I'm here to tell you that a three minute pop-song can say it all and leave you wondering where it went and why it had to go.

Somewhere during the second encore--the one after Viola and his band had been joined by Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood from Fountains of Wayne on a string of impromptu covers, including, but not limited to Naked Eyes' "Always Something There To Remind Me," The Doobie Brother's "Without Love," Steve Miller's "Swing Town," Bryan Adams "Summer of 69" AND "Run To You" and a tease of "Band on The Run" which practically exploded Lauren--K.B.'s husband declared Viola, "The Shit."

When asked to clarify what kind of shit by the artist in question, he declared, "The Good Shit."

Kelly Jones "Ooh La La'd" and shook a tambourine, looked amazing and sang like every man's dream (to quote Schlesinger and Collingwood). After the show, Georgiana tried to book Kelly for a solo gig, but Georgiana ended up here, so I don't know if that's the way it's gonna happen.

Anyway, by the time the show was over, Bernie and Pascal had made their long-anticipated appearance in the On-line edition of the New York Times and we were twelve hours or so away from the print edition hitting the stands.

Now they're famous and we're gonna all play Joe's Pub together in April and Ben's playing in March and Mike Viola's still got one more show left in him before he leaves for California.

Ooh la la, Bop, Ooh la la.


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