Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Kristin Schaal was the first person I ever drew performing at Joe's Pub.

She was working on The Cartells over at the Old Drama Department and she invited me to come watch her do a set, so I did and I drew a terrible drawing which she has thankfully forgotten. Later, I sent her another sketch, done from a photograph, and she still throws it up as the icon on her MySpace page occasionally.

In the comments that her friends and fans have written about this drawing, it is noted that the hair is nice, but it doesn't really look like her.

I also ended up drawing a comedy show she hosted with Kurt Braunohler over at Comix--although, I think I was invited to that one by the owner of the club who I met when we were doing The Cartells there. I think he envisioned me sitting in the club and drawing the comedians whenever I wanted, sort of the way it has turned out over at Joe's. I enjoyed it--especially because that first night included David Cross, John Oliver and Michael Showalter--but, I guess, it didn't inspire me to continue. I can't really lose myself in the rhythm of comedy the way that I can with music.

Or maybe it was the room. Joe's has a lot of character; it's fun to draw and draw in. Comix feels a little like a performance hall in a shopping mall; it's a tad too corporate for me. It's a fine place and they get wonderful performers; it just lacks the lived-in look, the funky odor and the comfort. Joe's feels like home; Comix felt like I was visiting.

Anyway, Sunday night Kristin hosted The Heeb Storytelling Show at Joe's, sponsored by Heeb Magazine. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to see her again and think back on the last year and a half or so of this journey. And, Gilbert Gottfried was one of the storytellers--he told Jewish jokes that you've heard a thousand times and I promise you that there was nothing funnier happening on the planet anywhere at the time.

I don't think the room gets full credit for that, but it didn't hurt.

By the way, Kristin says that I made her nose too big in this drawing. It's funny because it's true.


Blogger KHSOMusic said...

Hey Michael!
Did you get to draw any of Joe Iconis last night?! :)

8:53 PM  
Blogger Michael Arthur said...

I did--Actually, I got a couple from the soundcheck. . . . They'll be up soon, I swear . . .

12:06 AM  
Blogger KHSOMusic said...

haha I trust ya! Thanks! ;)

1:03 AM  

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