Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wise Enough To Carry The Scars Without Any Blame

Nellie McKay played a late show at Joe's last night. She's playing again in a couple of weeks and you should go because she's a singular, amazing force of nature. Her catalogue is so strong, her wit and sophistication is like how New York would be if the line between the Gershwins and Rap were a straight one and the way she talks between songs is like watching a car sliding out of control on an icy patch of road and then realizing it landed like Fred Astaire in a top hat.

It's also totally punk rock.

Also, it helps if (like Jeff and I) you come running down to Joe's from the Crowded House show at the Beacon and your voice is all warm from singing along to anthems of murky romance and melancholy joy. "I don't pretend to kow what you want, but I offer love" may be one of my favorite lyrics in all of music followed closely by "Somewhere deep inside, something's got a hold on you and it's pushing me aside--see it stretch on forever." If I can't have the Lennon/McCartney songbook with me on the desert island, I'm taking Neil Finn and Jeff Tweedy, pouring a pina colada and watching the sun set and rise until the boat comes to take me home.

If you're looking for a taste of Crowded House in their prime (in excellent sound to boot) check out Maybe We Ain't That Young Anymore.


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let's take some photos soon at joe's pub. :)

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