Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Springtime in New York


Light a candle, open a window to let in the breeze, unbutton your shirt a little and then click on Matririo's web site.

Her new album is called Primavera En Nueva York which has something to do with pasta. Wait. No, it doesn't. It's about love. In fact, according to her press, Matririo is trying to "recreate the eternal search for happiness in love" with an album of thematically linked songs.

Like you do.

She's pretty compelling when you watch her, all mysterious on the other side of her dark glasses and snaking her arms around like she's casting spells.

At any rate, she made her New York debut tonight at Joe's . . .


Blogger Nisi said...

man, oh boy, I miss you. enjoy amsterdam...

1:35 AM  

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