Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Name Dropping

Here's the problem with Neil Sedaka's body of work as I see it: When Fountains Of Wayne join him on stage to be the background girl-singers for Calendar Girl, they're just not gonna be up there long enough for me to get a decent drawing out of it. He's the king of the three minute pop-song and, although I'm fast, three minutes isn't enough time to get good likenesses on three people and a piano. And this may be my only chance to draw Fountains of Wayne up close. It's almost certainly the only opportunity I'm gonna have to draw them while Joy Behar is sitting behind me, possibly looking over my shoulder.


And then, before the second set, it was hard to get up to the booth because Elvis Costello and Diana Krall were hanging out backstage by the stairs, waiting to talk to Leonard Cohen before he went on stage to introduce Anjani.

By the way, Bill tells me that the proper response when Leonard Cohen is looking at one's drawings and saying "You're very talented" is, "well, you are too."

Next time I'll know. In my defense, it was Leonard Cohen and my brain sort of seized up.

After the show, Phillip Glass was all, "Hey, Elvis. Hey Diana. Anjani just blew me away singing those Leonard Cohen songs." And Elvis and Diana were all, "I know, right?"


They might have been talking about something else; I wasn't really close enough to hear.


Blogger Tiffani said...

Hey there : )

Well we are obviously up late! & you came up in conversation so we looked up your website - wow . . . you are quite the gazelle or maybe cheetah!

ultra awesome
all the best luck with your endeavors!!

will pass the website on to my friend Alfred . . . .

pleasant dreams!

Tiffani & Mark (Mark is a drummer and a friend of Anjani & we both are duly impressed)!

- smiles : )

2:39 AM  
Blogger Pascal said...

hahahaha! you lead a charmed life, my man.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Michael Arthur said...

It does have its moments . . .

2:47 PM  

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