Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Whatever You Want

The other night Ben and I went to see his old touring buddy, Vienna Teng at Joe's. We missed the highlight of the first set when her piano blew a string and nearly took out the cello player.

I miss all the action.

Then last night I went to see Ben do his thing at the Bowery Poetry Club. He's telling new stories and singing new songs and he's a one man musical with accompaniment.

After the show, we found ourselves standing on the corner of Houston and Bowery on a cold night in April, talking about how to move on to the next level. Sick though she was, Heidi stood beside us talking down a worried grant writer on her cel, pushing her aching throat to the limits of its endurance. The family's growing and our dreams are changing all the time and sometimes it feels like a hard thing to stand down a world that's got such a bitter wind, but as Ruby sometimes says, "manamana."


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