Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Live from Lincoln Center('s lobby)

Balthrop, Alabama is making its Lincoln Center debut this Christmas. Lincoln Center has a great new performance space over there--the David Rubenstein Atrium--with an amazing projection system built right into it and I aim to draw all over it. If you're in town you should come on along on December 16 at 8:30.

Then, on December 17--just one night later--we're taking the show over to Joe's Pub for a late night Christmas romp. We're gonna bring along some friends for the second show and it should be a blast.

I made this video using the iPad Brushes program. I've been playing with the drawing programs on the Ipad a lot lately since I got one for a conference on Creativity in Oklahoma last week. I've been thinking a lot about this drawing tool lately, but not enough to write anything about it yet. I'm interested in what folks think though, so if you are so inclined, drop me a note . . .

See you at Lincoln Center! And Joe's Pub!

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Last night I got to be part of an awesome charity event with the Honey Borthers over at the Williamsburg Music Hall in honor of--and material reward for--the Open Space Alliance. Everyone who turned out helped raise over ten thousand bucks for Brooklyn Parks and Rangers.

Also, some of them drank. One of them climbed right up on stage and demonstrated just how much. She was adorable.

Also, Andrew didn't lose his ranger hat. He almost did but he didn't. Which is good because he used to be a ranger and that hat's important to him.

Two of the Bandana Splits were there singing along. People liked them a lot. What's not to like?

I got to draw on stage with the band and this is what I came up with during the set. It started as just a tree, but the branches filled up.