Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Church

We reconvened over at St. Paul's Wednesday night to do some more recording for Caithlin deMarrais's solo album. Trevor Exter was there because Caithlin found him (or refound him--they went to school together) because of my blog which may be the best thing that has emerged from this blog since I started it.

photo by Bernie DeChant.


Blogger KHSOMusic said...

Your art is absolutely beautiful! And unique! I know Joe Iconis and his group are going to be performing in February at Joe's Pub! I really hope you are there to catch those guys in action! Lots of FUN, PEOPLE, MUSIC, and ALCOHOL lol

PLEASE never stop doing what you're doing! I'm truly inspired!


12:38 AM  
Blogger Michael Arthur said...

Thanks, Keelyn.

I expect I'll be there . . . because I like all of those things.

1:33 AM  

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