Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Other Branches

Trees are hard to draw.

A tree is easy, but put a couple of them together and suddenly you wish you knew how to cross-hatch better than you do.

Well, I do.

I told Chris I was going to work on my trees over the weekend. But there was a lot of champagne and caviar and riding all over the 1000 acres and there was the movie theatre in the basement and the dancing and the dinners and all the sitting by the fireplaces, sipping scotch and the strange sensation of not having to worry about a thing for a couple of days.

There was the arrival of an ALL NEW year to imagine.

Blaine asked, "do you have any resolutions?" and I said "yes" and, although I had decided this year to keep them to myself, I told her one or two of the goals I've set and she told me about finishing things up and starting again and we sat, sipping coffee, limping to the finish and gearing up for the next one.


Anonymous sarah Sterner said...

trees are tough.

9:51 PM  

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