Monday, June 26, 2006

Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens closed last week at The Public Theatre. My friend Lameece was in it; she was crazy good. I got to draw it a couple of times, but this was the best of the bunch.


Blogger bodhisatta said...

as beautiful and important as it is to turn that "discontent with the state of things" into art, there are definitely other ways to deal with it than watching t.v.

i watch the daily show and colbert report too, and thank god for them, to help me deal with my own rage. but just as lameece is using her voice to speak out against the tragedy of the american political stage and people like sean, we can too, if not as poetically.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Christastrophe said...

Totally. Totallytotallytotally.

It's actually pretty sad to me that the largest venue I have to express this outrage is a stupid LiveJournal. I find myself muttering on the subway. I will become that old man.

We put up shows for a while, but they're such a hassle when you pay for everything yourself. And, even when you do, it's not all THAT satisfying to speak out in, like, some shitty basement theatre for ten of your friends.

I felt the same thing watching Lami. I wanted to scream like her. I watched that show and just wanted to scream. I wonder how many people actually have.

So...background checks for used cars, eh? Charming. Stick it up your ass, Sean. "Hey, we're gonna have to ask you to turn your stereo down." "Why?" "Uh...9/11. Turn it down."

4:58 PM  
Blogger Michael Arthur said...

Yeah, these comments so don't make sense anymore, even though they were both a spot-on reaction to the original post here.

But sometimes in life you edit and tonight is one of those nights.

See, continued browsing does pay off . . .

1:17 AM  
Blogger jEFF said...

great faces

4:21 PM  

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